The Journey

We invite you to join us in Umbria, sit at our table and immerse yourself in a Verde Italia experience.

Enjoy recounting highlights of the day, breathing in the beautiful fresh air, the magical views. Sip on your Sangrantino local wine produced from the local vineyard while eating your locally sourced and freshly prepared mouth watering delicacies. Take a breath as the sun sets on the rolling green hills and appreciate the moments you will forever cherish.



Saturday May 10th -Tuesday May 20th 2025



May 2025



September 2025 - dates tbc

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Journey Benefits

  • Experience Umbria with immersion into local communities
  • Only 2 accommodations, meaning minimal packing and unpacking of bags
  • Carefully planned itinerary allowing less time in transport and more free time
  • No crack of dawn rituals, we believe in a slow living outlook, as per true Italian life!
  • Off peak seasons for the best weather and minimal crowds

What to Expect

Our journey is about your simplicity. You can relax knowing everything has been well thought out, planned and organized on your behalf.

Almost everything is included in the price, so it’s nice not to have to access your wallet while on the trip (apart from that new linen dress or antique ceramic vase or box of wine!)

We have a maximum of 10 guests in our groups. We like to keep the group small so we can access some unique places and also be flexible with guests where possible. Your tour leader Melanie speaks simple Italian but is also surrounded by fantastic locals and guides who are all bilingual. We have some wonderful relationships with the locals and hope to immerse you in the local community.

We invite our guests to bring a sense of adventure and fun with them (and maybe a few simple Italian phrases!). Guests will be brought together through sharing these fabulous experiences of culture, food & wine.

Please note we have created our itinerary with careful planning and consideration. However, while living in Italy, we learnt that somethings are subject to minor changes outside of our control. In this instance, we will endeavour to keep you updated and make sure any changes will further enhance your experience, noting this is all a part of the Italian Way Life!

Is this trip a good fit for me?

Most people would visit Italy for an average of at least two weeks. We see our journey as an eleven day highlight of a longer trip. You may want to visit other Italian hot spots prior to or after this journey. We can guide you should you need assistance with planning.

  • For people who may have been to Italy before but would like to explore the quieter side of Italy, away from the crowds
  • For first time travellers to Italy, being guided the whole way it is a great way to be supported by experienced hosts in a foreign country
  • Solo travellers, couples, friends, families – suitable for all
  • The itinerary is designed for adults, therefore we do not host guests under 18 years of age
  • The hilltop towns do require a level of basic walking fitness. If you have any mobility concerns, please contact us for further discussion
  • If you have your own small group wishing to travel together please see the custom journeys page