In Umbria the art of living is about savouring the beauty of the moment, embracing the tranquillity of nature, and indulging in the pleasures of good food and wine.

Have you ever dreamed of living life in Italy?

We made this dream a reality, living in the tiny village of Acqualoreto, Umbria in 2015. Living in Italy profoundly altered our perspective, priorities and path in life.

We invite you to experience this special and personal journey with us, seeing an authentic Italian lifestyle in Umbria.

Join us for a small group, eleven-day journey in Italy’s green heart, Umbria. With a balance of luxury accommodation and authentic local experiences, we are so very excited to share our special places and connections with you. This will be an immersion into Italian values and way of life, while still enjoying occasional siestas at the villa’s beautiful pool and surrounds. Our journey promises to be an entertaining one with a well-considered itinerary allowing balance and free time.

Be gently woken by the sound of local church bells chiming and the chatter of birds.
Look out your villa window to rolling green hills, fields of olives trees and vineyards.
Meander down the ancient cobblestone roads to the local piazza to meet with your local friends for a caffe & pastry.
Live the Italian slow way of life where Italian values of sharing moments with family, community and friends are high priority.

About Us

No, we are not Italian! We get asked this question a lot. We are simply two well-travelled Australians with a love and passion for the Italian people, culture, food and way of life. After several holidays to Italy, we started to dream of spending a year there, to live simply, explore and allow ourselves to time to really live life. In 2015, we made this a reality, choosing the tiny village of Acqualoreto in Umbria to spend our time.

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Journey Highlights

Would you like to be a traveller, immersing yourself in the local life and culture rather than a tourist?

We have discovered one of the most enjoyable things to do while travelling, is immerse yourself in the local villages and engage with the people. Local experiences often lead you to lesser known places, hidden gems and non-touristy areas. We like to support local businesses, artisans and services that are contributing directly to the local ecomony.

Do you like flexibility whilst travelling?

This is not a military style journey! Slower starts and lots of siestas make the 11 days a much more pleasant experience.

Yes we do have a pre-planned itinerary. However within this itinerary, we do have free time where you can choose how you spend your time. Being a small group allows us to be a little more flexible and alter some plans at short notice. Sometimes an afternoon by the pool with a book and glass of wine, its not just an option it’s a recommendation.

Do you want to explore Italy away from the crowds and the extreme weather?

We know from experience that the shoulder seasons are the best time to enjoy Umbria.

Imagine, a whole 11 days have been planned for you. Using local knowledge and advice, picking the very best restaurants, the most interesting hilltop towns and immersing yourself in the local village life. A well thought out journey, you can relax knowing that every need has been taken care of and you do not need to pull out your wallet!


Would you like feel the ancient cobblestones under your feet?

Imagine strolling through the narrow alleys of Assissi, the birthplace of St Francis, with its historic basilica and spiritual ambience. Or perhaps you’d like to explore the artistic treasures of Gubbio, a town steeped in history and myths set on a spectacular hillside with endless green vistas. Umbria’s hilltop towns offer a journey through the past, where every corner reveals a new story. Each has it’s own special charm and are a testament to the rich tapestry of Italian culture.


“Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with abandon or not at all” Harriet Van Horne

One of the things we love so much about travelling in Italy is the food! The Umbrian cuisine is celebrated for it’s simplicity and use of high quality ingredients from local areas. Dishes such as truffle based pastas, porchettas (roast pork) and lentil dishes are some of the many regional specialties. We have spent the last month eating our way around Umbria to bring you our favourite eateries, most on recommendation from the locals. Many are hidden in tiny villages and off the beaten track, but delight in offering the freshest local produce prepared in the simplest but tastiest way. This journey has an array of food experiences, from rustic local restaurants to Michelin star dining.


The best experiences have been curated for our special journey.

Truffle hunt
Cooking class


Would you like to wake to the sounds of …….?

Descrive Podere Masale & Le Capp


Free time, nature and talk about spa experience

info here



info here

Explore the Towns

Journey Benefits

  • Experience Umbria with immersion into local communities
  • Only 2 accommodations, meaning minimal packing and unpacking of bags
  • Carefully planned itinerary allowing less time in transport and more free time
  • No crack of dawn rituals, we believe in a civilized pace for maximum relaxation
  • Off peak seasons for the best weather and minimal crowds


  • 10 nights luxury accommodation
  • Local transportation in luxury mini van and/or standard vehicle
  • Most meals plus matching wines, soft drinks
  • All experiences outlined in the itinerary – cooking classes, wine tasting, truffle hunting, art event, 3 x guided tours, spa entry, attraction entry fees and more!
  • Gratuities for local guides and drivers
  • Full time tour leader


  • Your airfares & related costs including any visa requirements
  • Travel insurance which is essential
  • Excess baggage fees
  • Your personal extras such as laundry & souvenirs
  • Any other activities you choose in your free time
  • any personal spa treatments booked

"Umbria is a feast for the senses, a region where life is savoured slowly and celebrated with passion."

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